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Teacher Department Email Phone
Alpert, Arnold PE aalpert@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x2166
Anderson, Diane English/French danderson@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3187
Andrade, Juilo Social Science jandrade@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300
Arnold, Andy English aarnold@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3237
Avedissian, Ed Science/AVID eavedissian@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3112
Bailey, Greg Drama gbailey@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300
Barnhart, Beverly Student Support bbarnhart@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3206
Belenzon, Lori Spanish lbelenzon@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3185
Bell, Julia English jbell@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3133
Berardino, Kristin Art kberardino@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3228
Bradshaw, Chris English cbradshaw@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3148
Brannon, Toby Science tbrannon@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3126
Briggs, Shirley Science sbriggs@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3122
Brown, Tom Ceramics tbrown@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3109
Burlingham, Eric Activities Director eburlingham@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x2119
Burlingham, Jennifer English jburlingham@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3138
Campbell, Lyndon PE lcampbell@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x2164
Cardenas, Sarah Spanish scardenas@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300
Charles, Jason English jcharles@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3137
Chavez, Mark Social Science mchavez@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3242
Cheek, Nyna Science ncheek@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3125
Chiuminatta, Brenda AVID Coordinator bchiuminatta@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3158
Collins, Stevie ASL scollins@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3172
Craven, Matt Social Sci/AP Psych mcraven@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3247
d'Ablaing, Derrick Social Science ddablaing@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3249
Davis, Crystal Math cdavis@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3160
Dempster, Dave Math ddempster@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3153
Dolias, Steve Student Support sdolias@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3207
Downey, Arasely Spanish avaladez@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3193
Drabek, Candy CTE cdrabek@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3189
Drago, Darren Spanish ddrago@tvusd.k123.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3167
Druhe, Kevin PE kdruhe@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 
Dunbar, Michael Social Science mdunbar@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3236
Dykes, Lenny English/ELL/AVID ldykes@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3159
Forrest, Jeff Social Science jforrest@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3251
Fuehrer, Lisa Student Support lfuehrer@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3801
Galusha, Michelle Student Support mgalusha@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3803
Gelinas, Gary Science ggelinas@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3224
Gonzales, Laine Science lgonzales@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3117
Good, Michael Lt Col ROTC mgood@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3214
Gopalan, Sara CTE sgopalan@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3183
Gregory, Dan Student Support dgregory@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3177
Gregory, Katie Student Support/AVID kgregory@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3803
Gross, Michael Science mgross@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3230
Guinn, Jennifer PE jguinn@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300
Hamill, Chris Social Science chamill@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3252
Harney, John Student Support jharney@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3203
Harper, Peter Science pharper@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3166
Heid, Derek English dheid1@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3234
Kalldin, Lisa Student Support lkalldin@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300
Kendrick, Robert Math rkendrick@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3155
Kindred, Nick Intervention Specialist nkindred@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x2123
Knight, Lucrica JROTC lknight@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300
Kubes, Veronica Student Support vkubes@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3229
LaFontaine, Katie English klafontaine@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3250
Lewis, Anastasia Dance alewis@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3813
Longoria, Daniela Spanish dlongoria@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3188
Loya, Mariano Spanish mloya@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3231
Lugo, Leanne Orchestra llugo@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3233
Lyon, Casey Student Support clyon@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3170
Manners, Brittany English bmanners@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3238
Marchese, Karen Math kmarchese@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3161
Marshall, Leslie Math lmarshall@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3164
Martinez, Danny Social Science dmartinez@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3235
May, Brian Math bmay@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3165
Mayar, Ziba Science zmayar@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3123
McCann, Maryann English/Yearbook mmccann@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3144/3148
McEachern, Gabriela Spanish gmceachern@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3194
McGaugh, Sarah English smcgaugh@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3236
McGowen, Paul Social Science pmcgowen@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3243
McGuire, Audra Math amcguire@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3163
McMichael, Steven Student Support smcmichael@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3169
Mendez, Anthony TOSA amendez@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3113
Meredith, Mary Student Support mmeredith@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3147
Mey, Rick Social Science rmey@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3241
Molstre, Gail Student Support gmolstre@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3801
Murray-Sibby, Dawn Social Science dmurray-sibby@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3240
Nielsen, Stephen Math snielsen1@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3154
Nobiensky, Tony PE tnobiensky@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x2165
Noda, Joyce Science jnoda@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3225
Noon, Bryan Math bnoon@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3162
O'Neil, Kathie Student Support koneil@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3140
Owen, Cydney Kinesiology/First Aid cowen@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3176
Paino, Jon Social Science jpaino@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3248
Paul, Tara English tpaul@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3204
Pereira, Mike Math mpereira@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3157
Perinich, Donna Culinary Arts dperinich@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3501
Pico, Robert Student Support rpico@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3257
Pohl, Mary Art mpohl@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3228
Preite, Kim English kpreite@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3134
Quinn, Gina English gquinn@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3232
Ramsay, Cara English cramsay@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3180
Randall, Kim Graphic Design/ Video Media Arts krandall@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3192
Rapaport, Steve Math srapaport@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3181
Ritter, Mark Science mritter@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3227
Rizzo, John-Paul Math jrizzo@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3156
Rubnerth, Crystal Social Science crubnerth@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3239
Silvius, Davis Student Support dsilvius@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3210
Simpson, Leslie Student Support lsimpson@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3215
Stephenson, Dwight Math dstephenson@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300
Stratton, Bob Science bstratton@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3226
Tapley, Mike English mtapley@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3151
Toman, Lauren English ltoman@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3142
Toner, Mike Student Support mtoner@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3166
Tucker, Stuart Math stucker@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3253
Turay, Shane Science sturay@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3132
Vargas, Javier Spanish jvargas@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3190
Vega, Karen Math kvega@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3152
Vom Steeg, Doug Social Science dvomsteeg@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3246
Werts, Nga Student Support nwerts@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3223
White, Adrienne ASL awhite1@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300 x3175
Wright, Rosalva Spanish rwright@tvusd.k12.ca.us 951-695-7300